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About Us

Our History

In early 2000, the American Meat Goat Association (AMGA) and the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) launched a joint effort to create an all-inclusive national goat organization.

Board of Directors



Vice President









New York



Previous Board Members

Randy Dusek, Texas

Executive Director

Advisory Council

Dr. Ken Andries is an animal geneticist working as assistant professor and animal sciences specialist at Kentucky State University. He is...

Dr. Ken Andries

Dr. Roselle Busch is an Assistant Sheep & Goat Herd Health and Production Specialist at UC Davis Cooperative Extension. Phone: 530-574-8208

Dr. Roselle Busch

Dr. Gurung leads the research and extension/outreach programs of the Tuskegee Caprine Research & Education Unit (CREU), which is...

Dr. Nar Gurung

Dr. Nadarajah is Senior Research Fellow in Breeding and Genetics at Auburn University Department of Animal Sciences. As part of his...

Dr. Nada Nadarajah

Dr. An Peischel is a founding director of AGF and served on the Board until she resigned in 2017. She established Goats Unlimited in 1985...

Dr. An Peischel

Dr. Reid Redden is the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Sheep and Goat Specialist. His primary responsibility is to develop and support...

Dr. Reid Redden

Dr. Natalie Urie is a Veterinary Medical Officer at USDA/APHIS/VS/NSHMD Phone: 970-494-7151

Dr. Natalie Urie

HONORARY ADVISOR Dr. Pinkerton, known to most as the goat man, stepped down from the Advisory Council in 2017 due to health issues. He is...

Dr. Frank Pinkerton
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