Advisory Council



Dr. Ken Andries is an animal geneticist & Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture, Communities, and Environment at Kentucky State University.

Dr. Ken Andries



Dr. Roselle Busch is an Assistant Sheep & Goat Herd Health and Production Specialist at UC Davis Cooperative Extension.

Dr. Roselle Busch



Dr. Nar Gurung is the Director of the Goat Education & Research Unit at Tuskegee University.

Dr. Nar Gurung



Dr. Nada Nadarajah is the Senior Research Fellow in Breeding and Genetics at Auburn Universities Department of Animal Sciences.

Dr. Nada Nadarajah



Dr. An Peischel is the AGF's Founding Director. She is a Ph.D. in Range Livestock Nutrition and retired from Tennessee State University. She is the owner of Goats Unlimited.

Dr. An Peischel


Dr. Reid Redden is a Sheep and Goat Specialist and Assistant Professor at Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, and former Chairman of the National Sheep Improvement Program.

Dr. Reid Redden



Dr. Natalie Urie is a Veterinary Medical Officer at USDA/APHIS/VS/NSHMD

Dr. Natalie Urie



Honorary Advisor - Dr. Frank Pinkerton is a retired extension goat specialist.

Dr. Frank Pinkerton

What is the Advisory Council?

The AGF Advisory Council is made up primarily of a diverse group of goat and livestock experts from across the country that work in government or academia. Advisors assist AGF in gaining insight into the goat industry by providing:

  • strategic advice to the AGF Board on various industry, research, public policy and  government trends that may impact the goat industry;

  • direction on planned activities; and

  • assistance with implementation of goals and objectives of AGF.


Advisors receive AGF meeting announcements and other select information. Advisors may attend AGF Board meetings and conference calls at their discretion and expense. All members of the Advisory Council receive a complimentary individual membership in AGF (if they choose affiliate membership, they will receive a discount). Advisors are publicly recognized for their work on the Federation’s website and in appropriate publications and documents.


Council members (Advisors) will serve a minimum term of one year and may serve longer terms according to their interest, availability, and the needs of AGF.

Scope of Work

​Functions of the Council may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Respond to requests for assistance and information in a timely manner.

  2. Identify and assist with grant proposals.

  3. Expand diversity of Council in order to better serve all areas of the goat industry.

  4. Improve industry relations.

  5. Assist with AGF member recruitment.

  6. Provide marketing information and assist with marketing initiatives.

  7. Assist the Federation with educational activities.

  8. Provide AGF with information about goat-related programs, research, and conferences.

  9. Provide information about AGF at seminars and events.