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Getting Started

Susan Schoenian

Sheep & Goat Specialist

University of Maryland Extension

Langston University

Online Certification Courses (Dairy and Meat), our Nutrient Calculators, and our Goat Quizzes.


New to farming? Want to learn how to start a farm? USDA can help and offers additional assistance to beginning farmers and ranchers.

Tuskegee University

The Master Goat Producer's Certification Program is a comprehensive training program which offers classes on herd health, marketing, nutrition and pasture management, bio-security, bio-terrorism awareness, quality assurance, disaster preparedness, reproductive management and much, much more.

Penn State Extension

A course for goat producers interested in improving their production practices and ultimately profitability of their operation

Tennessee State University Cooperative Extension

The Tennessee State University Goat Extension Program serves the agricultural industry of Tennessee by providing meaningful educational programs in efficient production of animals and wholesome animal products. These programs are directed through TSU/UT Extension staff.

Goat Production & Management Training

As a long-term participants and observers of the meat goat industry, we have seen, firsthand, a number of changes in production...

Since the late seventies, I have observed with professional concern, personal interest, and occasional alarm as owners and prospective...

The South African Boer goat is generally recognized as the meat goat of the world.

Made available by the American Goat Federation with the permission of Dr. Fred Homeyer.

by Dr. Fred C. Homeyer The most important consideration in selection of meat goat breeding stock is the production of red meat.  Goat...

by Dr. Fred C. Homeyer “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do....

Living the Dream with Boer Goats made available by AGF with the permission of Dr. Fred Homeyer.


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