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Outreach & Producer Certification for the Secure Goat, Milk & Mohair Supply (SGMMS) Plan

The SGMMS provides goat operations with the ability to formulate their own plan under the guidelines of the SGMMS to allow continuity of business that could be affected by movement restriction efforts to control the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) during an outbreak in the United States. If producers can be made aware of the benefits of having a plan in place that fits their operation, SGMMS may also serve as a management tool for other major disease outbreaks as well.


  1. Conduct outreach and share information about the program with select individuals in extension, universities, goat associations and government positions to assist with reaching producers with information about the SGMMS.

  2. Work with these groups as well as other professionals to reach goat owners in all segments of the industry with information about the program and the benefits of developing their own procedures within the guidelines we provide.

  3. Design and establish a certification program for producers to take online and be guided through those actions needed in the type of operation they have. This will give them the opportunity to take a close look at their operation and be prepared in the unlikely event that an outbreak of FMD should occur. It will also let them show to regulatory officials that they are prepared should that happen. This will involve collaboration with state regulatory officials, and close review of the SGMMS.

  4. Conduct Producer training and assist with the certification program for producers who request help.

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