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While we do not have a specific number of goat rental companies across the U.S., they are continually increasing as the awareness of environmentally friendly goat grazing to control weeds, forages, brush and other ground cover becomes more prevalent. Goat grazing mitigates fire danger, increases the health and beauty of grazing lands when they are properly managed while creating milk products that are nutritious and often can be used by people with allergies, and the most healthy and widely consumed red meat in the world. Further, goats can be grazed effectively with other species as they prefer plants that many other species such as cattle refuse.

If you’re a goat producer, you’re likely aware of their agile physical nature and diverse sense of taste. This ability to traverse hillsides and stand on two legs to reach higher plant material makes them employable as brush goats in diverse landscapes. Furthermore, their nimble lips can navigate thorns, and their unique biology makes them capable of avoiding poisonous plants. In fact, when employed to clear brush, goats’ health often benefits because they can choose plants based on their nutritional needs. This is because it is innate behavior for goats to vary their grazing behavior according to vegetation allotment to meet their fiber and protein requirements. Therefore, if you’re transitioning your goats from traditional hay and grain you could save money on feed, and your goats’ health can benefit. They often even benefit from lower parasite loads since they prefer to browse upwards in more brushy areas over choosing to graze downwards in the grass. This tendency is beneficial to parasite prevention since parasites breed and live at surface levels.Goats can be utilized in a diverse range of landscapes for a variety of vegetation management goals. While they may be novel landscape tools in some parts of the world, they are very common in others. Goats have proven to be adaptable to a wide range of terrain thus brush goats can be applicable to wetlands, rangelands, farmland, suburbs, nature preserves, and more. Goat renters range from homeowners, conservation land managers, government agencies, to corporate entities. Common reasons for using goats include brush removal, eradication of invasive species, and the creation of fire breaks. Other land management goals may include habitat restoration, pasture maintenance, improving plant communities, and restoring biodiversity.

Brush goats can minimize negative environmental impacts of more common vegetation management tools. Goats can be utilized as the sole tool for vegetation management outcomes, or used in combination with these more common techniques like chemicals, mechanical means, and fire. These techniques may come with high costs financially and environmentally, or liability concerns that goats can help mitigate and fill a niche. Likewise, these typical landscaping techniques may be limited by uncontrollable conditions, such as wet weather or slope; goats can be utilized in any weather conditions and traverse any terrain.

Targeted goat grazing can come with surprising benefits. Research indicates that goats when managed appropriately may improve soil fertility twofold. Goats often target woody vegetation that sequesters valuable nutrients; likewise, their bodily waste can be beneficial to soil composition by providing natural fertilizer. In addition, goats can help the soil sequester more carbon efficiently with the removal of invasive species. With the right management plan, opportunities to benefit the land seem limitless. Goat browsing professionals and renters have observed the power of goats, and goats for hire are on the rise.

With the right management plan, opportunities to benefit the land and employ goats seem limitless. If you are a goat producer and considering utilizing goats for brush control, it is important to consider the comprehensive list of variables to ensure successful vegetation management. There is no single guide for brush control. Plant preferences may initially vary depending on breed, genetics, and prior conditioning but a herd manager can influence this with exposure. A brush goat producer should also heavily consider the grazing intensity and frequency when developing a management strategy. Thus, observation and getting to know your goats is key, along with practicing the art. However, this should not be a deterrent as the success of goat rental companies are proving. Brush goats professionals are apt to lend a hand and help any novice. There are also many emerging resources to help ensure success, and goat producers should consider this enterprise for the benefit of the environment, as well as the welfare of their goats.

Brush Control/Eco-Service Goats

While we do not have a specific number of goat rental companies across the U.S., they are continually increasing as the awareness of...

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