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American Goat Federation Logo

American Kiko Goat Association

The American Kiko Goat Association is the original Kiko registry, founded in 1994 to promote the breed, and the members quickly steered the organization towards promoting data-driven breeding decisions and accurate registry services. In 2000, the Association bought the original herd book which means that every Kiko registry traces all of their animals back to AKGA animals. As a member-run organization, the AKGA draws on the expertise of its members, from animal science and business, to law and education and everything in between.

Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers Association Logo

Nebraska Sheep & Goat Association

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers is a domestic livestock association formed to foster, support, protect, and promote the best interests of the sheep and goat producers in the State of Nebraska and the United States of America.

Alabama Meat Goat & Sheep Producers

The Alabama Farmers Federation Meat Goat and Sheep Division is comprised of goat and sheep producers from throughout the state. The division represents producers at the local, state, and national levels and has committees in 28 Alabama counties as it continues to grow. Goat and sheep producers who make up these committees come together at the local level and develop policies and program ideas to address their needs and concerns. Those policies are then discussed at the state level and may be transformed into state and national initiatives by the organization.

American Boer Goat Association

The first full-blood Boers were brought into the United States in 1993, the same year the American Boer Goat Association was formed. Since that time a tremendous amount of interest in breeding Boer and Boer influence goats has exploded in the United States. Today, the American Boer Goat Association offers a variety of opportunities in marketing, education, commercial industry and youth. The American Boer Goat Association is the largest Boer association in the world with membership over 7,000 annually. The association registers over 45,000 head annually. The total meat goat industry value is estimated between 150 million to 400 million dollars annually.

American Dairy Goat Association

The American Dairy Goat Association was organized in 1904 to collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of dairy goats and to provide genetic, management and related services to dairy goat breeders. ADGA has 19,000+ members, 2,000,000+ goats have been registered, and ADGA conducts 1200 shows per year.

Cashmere Goat Association

The Cashmere Goat Association (until 2014 known as the Eastern Cashmere Association) is a non-profit corporation organized to provide education about cashmere goats and their fiber. Founded as ECA in 1992, the Cashmere Goat Association (CGA) brings together breeders, fiber artists and others interested in these charming animals and the fiber they grow.

San Clemente Island Goat Association

In 1980, the founding San Clemente Island goat breeders established the International Dairy Goat Registry that continues to hold the Official Records of the SCI Goat breed to this day. IDGR is a Conservation Registry and goats contained in the SCI herd book trace back to San Clemente Island in a detailed, documented and DNA-driven database.

North American Pack Goat Association

The North American Packgoat Association (NAPgA) is the national organization representing packgoat enthusiasts. Founded in 1999 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, NAPgA’s mission statement includes the following: to promote the use and enjoyment of packgoats to improve, mentor, and encourage competency in the practice of goat packing; to promote scientific study of the caprine species, their care, welfare and training; to urge recognition of goatpacking as an eco-friendly pack stock alternative; and to establish traditions which will further the welfare of goatpacking and of packgoats. NAPgA is engaged in community outreach and supports youth interested in goatpacking through resources and scholarships. One of the NAPgA’s vital functions is to keep abreast of proposed closures and/or restrictions on the use of packgoats on public lands, responding to such proposals, and working with our members, land managers, Forest Service, state wildlife departments, the scientific community and other interested groups to keep public lands open to goat packing. Another vital function is supporting research that benefits the industry. Because Urinary calculi is a significant limiting factor to the health and longevity of wethered goats which are preferred by goat packers, NAPgA has partnered with a UC Davis Co-Investigative Researcher to conduct a study “Citizen Science Epidemiological Research Study of Urinary Calculi in Wethered Goats.” Ready to have some fun? NAPgA holds an annual Rendezvous each June! Classes, camaraderie and so much more in a beautiful packgoat friendly setting! If you are considering buying goats to use for packing, want to learn more about goat packing and how to practice it responsibly, or are interested in learning more about the use of packgoats, NAPgA’s website offers a wealth of information.

Pygora Breeders Association

The Pygora Breeders Association was formed in 1987 to maintain the breed registry herdbook for the created breed developed by combining angora and pygmy goats. is dedicated to the advancement and well-being of the Pygora goat. The PBA provides leadership in the promotion of the Pygora as a fleece-producing animal, pet, and companion nationwide.

Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association

The Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association promotes and advocates production agriculture throughout Texas and the United States. We seek out, as well as offer reference material for resource loan programs that promote and benefit wool, mohair, and meat producers. We also seek to teach future generations about the importance of sheep and goats to agriculture and our economy. We also contribute to the future of our industry by providing scholarships to agricultural studies majors.

North Carolina

Donna Askew


Jennifer Lynn Bice

Buchholz Livestock & Livestock Guard Dog, Co


Bob Buchholz

Campbell Meyer Livestock Ranch


C Curry Campbell


Brittany Carwell

Radiant Reds & Kenny's Killer Jerky


Kenny Elwood


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 Ward-Holder Ranches


Kelly Holder

Ward-Holder Ranches


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7 Arrow Ranch


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3C Ranch


Warren Cude

Affiliate Members

Member Organizations

Member Organizations assist AGF in collecting information from goat producers in order to advance the goat industry, as well as in providing information to the goat industry stakeholders. Member Organizations can nominate one of their members to serve on the AGF Board of Directors and help direct AGF activities on behalf of the Goat Industry. Member Organizations also provide a discount for their members who wish to become Individual Member of the American Goat Federation.

Sponsoring Member Organizations

Sponsoring Member Organizations not only help support AGF services to the goat industry, they also provide each of their members with a free Individual Membership in the American Goat Federation. In addition, each Sponsoring Member Organization may nominate one of their members to serve on the AGF Board of Directors and help direct AGF efforts on behalf of all goat producers.

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