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Vaccine Development Roundtable


In 2020, USDA/Animal Research Services informed the American Goat Federation Board that research had begun on development of a Coxiellosis (Q Fever) vaccine for goats.

AGF was also informed by USDA/Animal Research Services that a vaccine for Haemonchus contortus (Barbers Pole worm) was under development for sheep and a goat vaccine would follow.


Roundtable Members

American Goat Initiative Tom Boyer, President - AGF: Director Randy Dusek, Trustee - AGF: President - American Boer Goat Assoc: Director

American Goat Federation

Bob Buchholz, Past President & Director - Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association: Representative Dr. Gary Newton, Vice President - International Goat Center - Prairie View Univ: Head Jan Carlson, Director - American Dairy Goat Assoc: Representative Tammy Fisher, Director - Public Policy Committee Chair Anita Dahnke, Executive Director Dr. Reid Redden, Advisory Council - Texas A&M Agri Life Extension Svc: Dr. Stephen White, Advisory Council - USDA/ARS; Research Geneticist Dr. Natalie Urie, Advisory Council - USDA/NAHMS; Veterinary Medical Officer Dr. Roselle Busch, Advisory Council - UC Davis Univ: Extension Sheep & Herd Health Prod: Specialist

American Sheep Industry Association Peter Orwick, Executive Director Benny Cox, President

United States Animal Health Association Benjamin Richey, Executive Director

Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Association Victoria Powers, Executive Director

Idaho Wool Growers Naomi Gordon, Director

Canadian Sheep Federation Corlena Patterson, Executive Director Allan Ribink, Chairman

Colorado Serum Company Dr. Randall Berrier, Senior VP; Scientific Affairs Dr. Joe Huff, Founder

Moredun Research Institute Dr. David Smith, developer of the barberpole worm vaccine

National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research & Education Dr. Paul Plummer, Executive Director - Iowa State Univ: Assoc Professor

United States Department of Agriculture [USDA] Dr. Diane Sutton, USDA/APHIS/VS; Assistant Director RHC Small Ruminant Health Kim Royer, USDA/Farm SVC Agency; Executive Director - Idaho Sheep & Goat Health Board

Universities Dr. Joan Dean Rowe, UC Davis University; Professor of Population, Health & Reproduction Dr. Jim Miller, Louisiana State University; Retired Dr. Cynthia Wolf, University of Minnesota; Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine Larry Campbell

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Vaccine Development Roundtable Accomplishments In 2020, USDA/Animal Research Services informed the American Goat Federation Board that...

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